Winning Acidosis

Yes, it took me a lot of work all these years to discover the wonderful fact that our blood should have an alkaline reaction. And for most of us, it gives an acidic reaction.

From headaches and indigestion to acne and the common cold – most of our diseases result from acidosis, and in turn it is a result of autointoxication.

When the blood is so polluted, how can we protect ourselves from pathogenic microbes that are just waiting to be taken by surprise?

We carefully prepare the soil for germs, invite them to feel at home like us, and let them ruin and destroy us at our own expense.

Now, if you are just as ignorant as I was at one time, you ask: “And what can be done to neutralize this acidity? How to cleanse your blood? ”The answer is:“ This can be done by saturating your blood with alkaline components. ”

At the first symptoms of autointoxication, you should spend a three-four-day fast, and then switch to an alkaline diet and avoid foods with an acidic reaction. “And what products have an alkaline reaction?” – you ask. Mainly fresh vegetables and fruits, including salads, along with greens.

60 percent of your diet should consist of fruits and vegetables, both raw and cooked.

Before any meal, eat a salad of raw vegetables or fresh fruit. These alkaline products are important for your body. Some of you will say that they do not like raw vegetables and fruits.

This is because the reaction of your blood is still acidic, and when you eat foods with an alkaline reaction, they begin to purify the blood of toxins, you start to get used to vegetable food, you like it more and more.

Only a weakened and poisoned body does not perceive healthy vegetable and fruit food.

Do not harm yourself by overeating. Overeating will kill you before the deadline.

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